Moon Man

I have set the story of Moon Man in 1969 as what better a year to explore how the man on the moon ventures down to Earth, than the year in which mankind took their first steps on the moon!  Based on Tomi Ungerer’s children’s book about the man in the moon who who is bored of sitting in space so he catches hold of a comet down to Earth so that he can dance and laugh with the people. 


I have designed for a family orientated stage show that is fun and quirky, with music and dance, exploring the themes of curiosity, adventure, friendship and an appreciation of life and colour.  The 1960s seemed a perfect era to communicate the sensory overload that the Moon Man experiences on his travels, so I wanted the bold colours and prints of the sixties to be obvious within my designs. The look of the play has large psychedelic influences as it is how I imagine the Moon Man to see everything; his surroundings are an explosion of moving colour, like a kaleidoscope that keeps changing and becoming more vibrant, playing tricks on your eyes. Everything in the play will centre around themes of colour, light and the 1960s depiction of space, and the idea that the Moon Man is equally fascinated by the earth as the people of earth are with the moon. I want the costumes to communicate eyes seeing the earth for the first time so they will be exaggerated, abstract and quirky, taking inspiration from 60s fashion, new wave science fiction and the patterns of a kaleidoscope.



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